Buyer Cash Injection

You will need your own money to buy a business with bank financing.

Management Experience

A bank is going to want to see that you have a strong business background and experience you can transfer to the business you are buying.

Buyer Personal Credit

Credit score will be a major player in whether you will be able to get financing to buy a business.

Buy A Business

SBA 7a Loan Program

This loan program is utilized by SBA lenders to provide financing for acquisitions and a host of other types of business transactions.

Here is how the SBA 7a loan program works for acquisition:

  • As long as a bank follows the rules of the program, then the SBA will guarantee 75% of the bank’s loan.

  • The bank can then take more risk than normal and lend based on a cash flow stream versus collateral, knowing only 25% of their money is at risk.

  • You take advantage of the increase in the bank’s risk appetite and use that money to buy a business.

Businesses bought with SBA 7a loans

SBA 7a Loan Process

Purchase Price $800,000

Buy A Business

Purchase Price $2,100,000

Buy a Business

Purchase Price $3,950,000

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I had never known you could buy a business or how to do it. But now I am a proud business owner.

M. Mint


Coming from the world of M&A it was refreshing to find such an expansive amount of information on SBA loans to buy a business.

M. Rodriguez

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While there is a massive amount of information available on the SBA 7a lending program, it can be confusing to understand all of the requirements. Especially when you want to buy a business. . The goal of this website is to provide you with a basic foundation to help you understand what you will need to qualify for financing.

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SBA 7a Loan
SBA 7a Loan

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